Wednesday, May 2, 2012

UPK - Oracle User Productivity Kit

Oracle User Productivity Kit is an easy-to-use and comprehensive content development, deployment, and maintenance platform for increasing project, program, and user productivity. Its a very simple tool to prepare user manuals or Standard Operating Procedures guide that will play an vital role in Oracle Training.

You can install the UPK  as a standalone package or you can install the server & Client software to have your libriary files within your instance and it will be helpful in linking the UPK training guides in to the Help menu.

You can download the UPK soft ware as a Patch or from Oracle Cloud delivery.

Metalink Patch #5244866 or

I foud some really very use ful training videos that was posted by the user "larry sherrod". Its a real good video which gives the precise knowledge thats required by any consultant to use UPK -Tool.

Once again I thank "Larry Sherrod" for his wonderful work.
  1. - Downloading UPK
  2. - Installing UPK (Unzipping)
  3. - Installing UPK & Setup
  4. - Running UPK for the first time
  5. - Capturing Content Using (UPK)
  6. - Frame Editing in UPK
  7. - Previewing your content in UPK
  8. - Importing ODARC files in to UPK
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S.Grace Paul Regan

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