Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Seven Signs You're Wasting Your Talent !

Today I was going through a post in linkedin : Seven Signs You're Wasting Your Talent. I recommend any one working in the IT industry to go through this post when you get some time. You will find it worth. 

Some of the key points which intruded me: 

  1. There is no sense in fear-based management. The Godzilla system in place in most large companies and institutions isn't run on common sense but on a bizarre and self-referential Business Logic instead. 
  2. We would not insult salaried employees with an attendance policy
  3. When you aren't moving forward you are sliding back, because time moves on.
  4. it's reasonable to want some recognition for your contribution!
  5. Living well is the best revenge!
  6. Get yourself into a place where you can find your voice and speak your truth, a little more every day.
  7. No employer is worth damaging your resume for!

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

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