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Trip from Chennai to Coimbatore and Back on my Yamaha-FZ all alone!

Dear Friends, 

After a long time I had a chance to quench my long distance driving hunger with my Yamaha FZ Motor Bike. I enjoyed the ride all alone; most of the distance is covered with good road except some detour as I missed the route. 

I stared from Chennai by 11:30 AM Friday Morning (25-07-2014) and reached Coimbatore by 08:15 PM, I missed my route by going to Trichy which made me travel extra 40 KM and the route from Trichy to Coimbatore was just 2-way and was flooded with Sand-Dump Trucks moving at 40 KM Per Hour speed which was really irritating after 07:00PM as I had to Navigate through Hi-beam Head Lights from opposite side which made over taking riskier and irritating because the hi-beam lights from opposite vehicle made me partially blind. 

I returned from Coimbatore on Wednesday (30-07-2014) , Started at 07:30 AM and reached Chennai by 03:15 PM. While I returned, I took extra care not to miss the route and came through Salem. The route was near to complete four ways and I enjoyed the comfortable drive as I have rectified most of the issues, I faced, when I drove from Chennai.


1. For any riders in India, Never allow any of your bare skin exposed to sun for more than 20 mins continuously as for sure you will get Sun Burn and its takes weeks of time to recover from sun burn, as I have experienced the same. 
I was wearing just a round neck cotton T-Shirt, Denim Jeans and a Canvas Walker shoe. My hands got completely burned as I did not feel any irritation or pain when I was driving, you only feel only the wind at the speed of 100 KM Per Hour. But your skin gets burnt. 

2. Your bum will start to ache when you sit in the same position for hours to gather. It depends on your seating position. Yamaha-FZ seating position is'nt favourable for long distance ride. 

3. You will start to feel the pain in your knees and back vertebral after 3-hours. 

4. Your head will start to irritate because of wearing the helmet for hours.  

5. If your Back Pack is heavy you will find it difficult to balance in your shoulders as most of the time the wind will push the backpack to one side depending upon the wind direction and will strain one side of your shoulder and will minimize the blood circulation in your hands after three hours. 


To avoid all these you can just follow simple tips. When I was on the return, I have corrected most of the issues and made my journey comfortable. 

1. To avoid sun burn I brought a light cotton denim full hand shirt which was comfortable to wear and cover till your wrist. ( also have a glove to cover your fingers too, but I did not and got black fingers)
2. To avoid bum and back vertebral pain I had a cotton turkey towel on my seat folded, I changed the folding width and position of the towel at regular intervals at least after every 100 KM which gives you some comfort and less strain on your bum and vertebral. 
3. To avoid knee pain, I used to stretch both of my legs while driving after every 15 minutes, Stretch your legs till your toe. Did some stretch and bend exercise whenever, I stopped for a break.
4. To avoid head irritation, I used to remove my helmet when ever sun goes down a bit and will were again when sun comes back. This helped me to keep my hair and head dry from sweat, which helped a lot in reducing head scalp irritation.
5. To reduce the back pack issue, I - ½ emptied my back pack while I was returning, hence the weight of the pack did not hurt my blood circulation in the arms much. But still I felt minor numbness after 7-hours. I think is better to tie your back pack in the back seat or hang in the hooks or don’t have it. 
6. Make sure your Horn is sound enough to warn haphazard road crossers at every village through your highway drive, at times heard of cattle cross the road taking their own sweet time, No other go you will have to wait. Its one of the greatest risk when you drive across any Indian road.

Great Risk

7. Make sure your head lights are positioned proper before you start your drive. 
8. Fill your Tank whenever possible at least after every 200 KM. 
9. Check your tire pressure at least twice in between your travel; minor puncture will lose air very slowly. If your air checking intervals has at least 5PSI difference. Make sure you go to the nearest a puncture shop to check for any minor puncture. 
10. If you know when you have to change your engine oil its fine if not just change it, do not give it a try.
11. Check your brake pads and brake lights. 
12. Have your Rear View mirrors in proper strength as it will turn constantly in high winds and its riskier to drive without a rear view mirror as you will not have time to check for vehicles overtaking you at 150 KM Per Hour speed. A slightest miscalculation will be a catastrophe. 
13. Make sure you are not racing, enjoy the driving. Take as many breaks as you like stretch and bend. 
14. If you like coffee, you will find lots of Kumbakonam Degree Coffee shops through the route. It will keep you awake and active. 
15. Have proper sleep before the day you start, if you feel drowsy please stop at the nearest town and book a room rest and then drive. Nothing is important than your life. 

Cursing Speed:

At an average I was driving most of the time between 90 to 100 KM Per-Hour, which I and my bike felt comfortable.  

Top Speed:

I reached 122 KM per hour as Top Speed; my bike did not go any further even with full accelerator.

Kilometer Driven:

In total: 990 KM (Up and Down)

Chennai to Coimbatore : 511 KM (Through Trichy - Karur )

Coimbatore to Chennai : 479 KM (Through Erode-Salem)

Loved & Enjoyed: 

1. My Bike! Cursing at the speed of 100 KM per hour, the little beast showed no resistance or harshness. He was smooth and stable even after pushing him to his top performance hours to gather. I was happy to own him and tame him. 
2. The Crushing and Guzzling wind when I was driving along the Kavery River bed (Trichy to Karur)  
3. The Welcome Chill wind that I felt before entering Karamadai through – (Trichy-Karur). 
4. The evening drive between Karur to Coimbatore. 
5. Morning Drive from Coimbatore till Erode.
6. I challenged a Volvo Multi Axial (Kallada Travels from Perindurai to Erode). I over took him multiple times by honking him with my musical horn and he over too me the same way. He will overtake me in 120 KM Per Hour also he will honk while he over take but poor guy he has to slow down in between every village crossing where I get a chance to tease him. I took a short break at Erode then I missed him. 
7.Kumbakonam Degree coffee at regular intervals.
8.Enjoyed my passion. 

Waiting for another memorable drive ! Guys if you need any last minute advise you are welcome reach me @ +91-9790111080 or mail me @ 

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

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